Idle No More App is designed to allow users to easily find, attend and plan events in the Idle NO More movement.
Create a rally in the App,
invite everyone, restore our country.

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  • Displays the rallies and events close to you.
• Tells you when the rallies are being held.
• Easily create a rally and fuel the movement.
• Contains a detailed plan of action.
• Informs you of the history of Idle No more.
Helps you understand the mission of Idle NO more.
Outstanding Natives and their contributions.
Brings you up to date news and information.
Informs about bill C-45,
Call Stephen Harper and share your thoughts
  Plus Much More...

We would like to say a very special Thank You to Andy Everson.

His contribution to the Idle NO More movement is monumental. The artwork featured here is found throughout the Idle No More app. Please take the time to visit his website and thank him for his hard work and dedication to the cause. His artwork is amazing.

Raising the feather symbolizes prayer and peace--it is a
sacred act. The fist represents unity and defiance. Combined
together, it is a powerful thing.

This piece was inspired by the eagles that continually show up at Idle no More rallies. We say that their presence indicates that our ancestors are with us. Together, we will rise and transcend the shackles that try to hold our people back and overcome the forces that try to do harm to Mother Earth.

We say "No" to the pipelines that purport to travel through unceded First Nations territory! Black represents the oil, red represents the blood of our people and the skull represents the death and destruction that this madness brings....
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The four colours of the medicine wheel represent the four races and the four directions. This shows that this movement travels in all directions and affects everyone on Mother Earth. The feather represents the prayers sent to the Creator, asking for unity, strength, peace and guidance.